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These individuals are participating in satellite attacks on the brain and internal organs, torture and sabotage. They have probably been involved in an "accidental" NATO air strike on a civilian building in Libya (reported today/yesterday).

21h12min June 18th, 2011


On Sept 11th, 2011 gangsters talking on my laptop repeated:
"invasion", "bravo! - embolia!", "coma", "you are crazy", etc.


As a measure of the criminality of the French state-mafia:

October, 20th, 2011. Gaddafi's death.
Concrete names of individuals implicated. Photos and videos available.

Speech To United Nations. September 23, 2009.


Tellers and customers have been photographed on banks' premises taking part in military - mafia operations (NATO, Russian - Georgian war - Israel). The French police is "blind". Possible sabotage of bank transfers to my company bank accounts. Below image taken at Nordea (individuals interfering with payment I made to Estonian phone company, whose delivery was purposefully delayed):

One Nordea teller "accidentally" met on Olevi Magi Street (Estonian president operation).