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News (continuation)

Nov 18th:

Jewish group linked to Vladiimr Putin and Estonian uniformed military participating in satellites attacks to my brain, part of nonstop torture operation accompanied by threats of imprisonment.
Norman Schwarzkopf's implication obvious (Russian ministry of Defense targeted by Estonian police and French paramilitary groups).
Although more civilians are denouncing and confirming the Estonian president's and military implication in torture (embezzlement scam), there is no indication of either justice department intervention or that the bandits will stop.
While sleeping brain scanned and attacked. Often "coma" repeated on top of TV and my laptop's audio.
Below example of harassment by uniformed Estonian thugs:
the three walked past me as my brain was being hit from satellite, and split in two groups, one of the men coughed intentionally, New York targeted.

Nov 18th:

Estonian police implicated in torture AGAIN.
Microwaves used to attack the brain and ears by producing hi-frequency buzzing while brain is scanned.
The mafia bandits talking on my laptop (preventing me from working), repeat "coma", "embolia", etc and manipulate the fie system/ edit files, intercept internet traffic (GOOGLE searches for example), hit the left side of the brain.
Torture taking place also while sleeping and taking showers. Comments such as:
"we are humiliating you", "kill yourself" and prison threats.
I have names of Cubans implicated (satellite equipment they use cannot obviously be Cuban).
Below photos are examples of how the police is collaborating with the extreme right: the group was harassing on the street when I walked out of hostel and later in the old town (" ETA"- " Black Power").
Vladiimr Putin directly participates in torture operation, which has been repeatedly confirmed (even by Russian state employees).

Nov 25th:

Estonian uniformed military keep taking part in sabotage and torture.
Their colleagues the Estonian police several times driving by as my brain is attacked (laser-hit) and scanned.
Below email sent last night to the Estonian security police.

This morning brain torture continued. Previous night the gangsters might have tried to kill me by stopping breathing during sleep.

Dec 18th:

Very severe scanning and attacks to brain with clear intention to cause a coma.
Uniformed Estonian police and paramilitary groups participating, photographs available.
Please read carefully:

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