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News (continuation)

Nov 11th:

The Estonian president implicated in satellite attacks to my brain and internal organs.
Several Jewish "activists" and Irish "tourists" "walking by" participated in the operation, laser hitting brain sectors as I was watching shop window display (below photo).
Later on when I walked past, a "talking on his mobile" man that was standing in front of the City of Tallinn theater entrance harassing me.
Brain scanning inside hostel Olevi basement restaurant, when the word "antiterrorism" was "picked up" the thugs hit my left eardrum.
Photographed waitress (several days ago on the street she was "drunken" and gave me her telephone number) cleared her throat when the signal hit me.
I called the Estonian security police and warned them that if they do not stop the "Jewish" group they shall have serious problems (Jews talking on my laptop just threatened me with a psychiatric hospital).
I mentioned that uniformed Estonian military participates in torture and sabotage and the the equipment is "israeli military's".
Conversation lasted for over two minutes (photo), Russian language, he claimed to have understood what I said.
Next morning (Nov 12th) while I slept Jews linked to EMC Co continued scanning and attacking my brain. They can "lock" specific physiological functions (biological chips have been repeatedly mentioned), on this occasion they were able to lock the articulation of the right knee (last night one of the Estonian "patriots" that took part in the English Jews' security operation was violently kicking the air with his right leg in a spot used to parallel "ETA" operations ("black power")).
The CIA implication includes the link among the NAVY, the "IRA" and their interpretation of terrorism, which lead to the USA invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan at the cost of mass killing of USA civilians used as an excuse, not to mention the local civilian casualties.
Besides, last night some of its agents were walking by: a woman "helping me" pay the hostel room by giving me 5 euros used the biotechnology satellite equipment to scan my brain and repeat my thoughts (linked to the Cubana de aviacion Barbados bombing and Mexico- Trostkists - EMC Co). Only later did I learn of the helicopter crash that killed the Mexican interior minister earlier in the day.
Street lights are being manipulated when crossing while brain is attacked (or the thugs interfere my mp4) in order to cause a deadly traffic accident.
Fix their locations, because the gangsters (some of whom use false identities) will try to flee to Israel as soon as they are discovered.

Nov 14th:

Uniformed Estonian policemen, uniformed Estonian military and jewish paramilitary groups continue torturing by scanning and attacking brain, hitting internal organs using satellite signals. Strong pain (lasting for hours) was caused by such attack this morning, just below the right lung.

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