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News (continuation)

August 20:

Jew paramilitary teams (that are possibly using a military (navy) biotechnological satellite system) continue SEVERELY attacking brain, eardrums, testicles and other organs.
Estonian uniformed policemen are doing nothing to stop them, when not directly participating in torture and sabotage.
Below photos is a "couple" posing as tourists, who last night in a restaurant and today on streets were torturing (their colleagues filming public places and talking on top of local music - interfering my laptop operating system).
If when reading information in this website you suffer similar harassment and attacks, PLEASE IMMEDIATELY INFORM FOREIGN EMBASSIES OF COUNTRIES INVOLVED AND NATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL MEDIA.
This is another example of attacks to brain and activism by "tourists" (this morning):

August 28:

Attacks to the brain and internal organs continues NONSTOP (even as I wrote this text the bandits were talking on my laptop, threatening me with prison, attacking my brain and blocking the keyboard).
Below photo is another Russian-speaking woman participating in torture that uses the hostel room where I stay as a prison (supermarket Maxima, several security personnel and cashiers implicated, one of them this evening at 11:48 pm inside her parked-around-the-corner car).
Apparently a Russian satellite (CANAL 1 (первый канал)) is implemented, Russian military implication obvious.
Other photos available, some taken in same supermarket and proving that it is a biotechnological operation to cover up and possibly prepare mass murders. The link between the FSB, the Russian military and privately-owned "security" companies that operate in Estonia will be disclosed in detail.

Sept 1st:

Jewish groups - police continue attacking brain and internal organs NONSTOP. The operation seems to be (politically) coordinated from Paris (58 rue Charlot team, photographs available).
In the afternoon, while I was trying to sleep (previous night torture to brain continued), the bandits were scanning and attacking brain using a strong and very high frequency signal (head/ ears buzz).
Implication of uniformed Estonian policemen in torture (and Estonian military) once again proven, below photograph taken in front of Maxima supermarket (rue Tartu, August 28th photo):
policemen trying to awake- arrest a drunken man, making "noises" and twiddling fingers as I walked by. Another uniformed policeman around the corner "talking on the phone" and making "noises" as I passed by.
The Russian president is also involved in systematic (selective) torture and international terrorism, documented again later in the evening with photos (Paris groups walking by).


Sept 9th:

Torture and attacks to brain and eardrums continue, even during sleep.
While I work the bandits are talking NONSTOP on my laptop / hitting top- left area of my brain with what seems to be a laser. Problems with other companies caused by interference of communications and torture.
The Estonian security police does not intervene.
Military implication obvious.

Sept 17th:

Jews keep severely attacking brain and internal organs using satellite laser equipment that burns tissue as brain is scanned.
Torture taking place even while I sleep and take showers. Civilians on street "confirming" it is a NONTOP torture operation by the extreme right.
The satellite seems to be used by mafia - military group based in Paris.
Uniformed Estonian policemen and military participating; following photos taken this morning (preparation of mass murders).


Sept 20th:

Uniformed Estonian policemen and Jewish paramilitary groups continue attacking brain and internal organs, torture taking place even while I sleep and take showers.
Although I have a working permit in Estonia the Estonian police and military do not let me work and steal information, sabotage and threaten.
On occasions "civilians" who crack my laptop "walk by" on the streets to let me know they know what I write.
Cubans obviously participate in the operation.

Oct 1st:

Jewish groups continue attacking brain and internal organs NONSTOP.
Brain scanning and laser attacks to brain take place even while I sleep, signal causes what seems to be tissue burns.
Following photo is one of the (possibly) English agents who belong to the team implicated in the Dresden 1999 operation that brought Vladimir Putin to power (the "IRA"). They use the word "Cocoon" as a keyword.
As the woman was conversing with the Apple store employees, other bandits were filming and talking on top of the locally-played music.
When I commented the ongoing audio torture to the seller, he said:
and his partner said that:
"... if any trouble is caused, they will claim anti-terrorism (laws)" ("but a good lawyer can beat such lie")
The satellite used by the Jewish mafia could belong to the Russian military.

Oct 20th:

Jewish groups keep scanning and attacking brain NONSTOP.
They are interfering my laptop (blocking and releasing its keyboard, talking on its audio, threatening, editing files) and later on streets (supported by the Estonian police) harassing, trying to force compliance and collaboration.
Estonian military again implicated, last night a hearse procession drove by as other thugs (some inside car with Lithuanian registration plate) hinted at Gaddafi's death.
French police activists (of course supporting Jewish mafia interests) suggested connection between the manner in which the Colonel was killed (first dazed lying on vehicle hood) and the Hungarian embassy/ Rue Vaugirard police station in Paris; Estonian parking enforcement officers implicated (as I type the bandits are interfering my laptop, commending male voice says "bravo!").
Below photos are examples of military activists participating in torture and sabotage; their colleagues talk on my mp4 and over radio station music played in the cafe NONSTOP.


More photographs will be released in the hope that someone will teach them a lesson.

Oct 28th:

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