Wednesday March 22nd 2023 08:10:19 PM, GMT + 3
Osaühing Artime Consulting
Registration number: EE12103099
VAT number: EE101545040
Postal address: Box Nr. 3089 Tallinn Post Office, 10504, Estonia
Telephone: 00372-567-695-68

Equipment urgently needed

It is almost impossible to work due to severe interference of my equipment:
1. Laptop operating system hacked from boot-up, bandits talking on its audio, blocking and releasing keyboard, editing documents, meddling with internet communications (software and hardware).
2. All telephone calls, faxes, emails, etc interfered. During Skype conversations the thugs can be heard threatening, repeating phrase patterns, etc.
3. Company income hampered, very well documented.
From the day I bought the MacBook (Paris, 2006) uniformed French military were giving themselves the right to crack it and use stolen information in illegal harassment operations, photos and videos available.
Posted invoices are a necessity for work and movement.
The donor can remain anonymous.

Payment by wire transfer.
At the company's postal address equipment can also be delivered.
Thank you.